Mission Statement: To provide a platform for women to share their stories, become empowered, and change our world.

"Hear Jane" Episode One

September 21 - Next Jane's Mic Night!

September 21 at 7:00 at Stone Village 139 East Second Avenue, Columbus 43201. Join us as women share their stories, become empowered and change the world. Hear Jane ROAR! 

Hear Jane Roar featured by Columbus Alive!

Some of our founding members were interviewed for a piece for Columbus Alive! Check out the article link below. Hear Jane ROAR!



For those of us who want to attach a face to our story with the hope that we realize how alike we are no matter our color, age, origin, or the monetary suit we wear. 


For those of us who would prefer to tell our stories with a bit of anonymity this one is for you.


For those of us who process the world better by the written word, write on without fear of judgment of punctuation and spelling.


Process the world visually? Then get a scrap of paper and have at it. We aren't looking for artists; we are looking for stories. And if you tell them best with paper, pen or paint, then draw on my friend.


How to filter through the quagmire called politics? Let us help you. We will try to keep you informed through our research on whom to support and how best to do that. Roaring!

Should I boycott everyone or no one? Boycott them for a week, for a month, for a year? Let us clear the field a bit by vetting companies that we want to stay away from and ones we want to reward with our patronage. Roaring!