We’re reaching out to 50 local companies to hear directly from them what they’re doing to stop sexual harassment in their workplaces. Here’s what we’ve heard back so far!

Donato’s Pizza

A wonderful phone call

This was awesome - and extremely comforting that the world isn't all bad. Our founder got the most gracious call from Jane Abell the Chairwoman of Donatos. She received our letter requesting Donato's sexual harassment policy and offered it to our founder but more importantly she talked about all the things they do to promote a good working environment for everyone. She was incredibly supportive of what we are doing and basically could not have been nicer. She admitted they sometimes aren't perfect (people are human and all) but wanted to stress how important our concerns are to her company. She made our founder’s heart very happy. So eat yourself some Donato's and vote for Rick Neal (relative). These are good people in our midst. Pepperoni ROAR!

Cardinal Health

Thanks again for reaching out to us for inclusion in your audit of local companies that are responsive to women. Cardinal Health believes in fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel like they can build a strong future, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy their work while making meaningful contributions. You can view our harassment and bullying prevention policy on our site.

Realizing that a diverse and inclusive work environment is crucial to corporate success, Cardinal Health works to ensure our business practices accurately reflect the communities and marketplaces in which we do business. One way we do this is through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are groups of people who share interests, a common bond or background and offer support for each other. The Women’s Initiative Network is an ERG dedicated to fostering partnerships that create a great place for women to work and grow their careers at Cardinal Health. This group hosts networking events, educational seminars and volunteer activities for men and women across the enterprise.

Let me know if you’d like any additional information.


Courtney Tobin
Manager, Public Relations
7000 Cardinal Place, Dublin, OH 43017



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